Common Core Standards Testing Prep

Preparation for standardized tests has, in recent years, become as much a part of the school year as purchasing pencils and notebook paper. While this is a change that some parents are less than thrilled with, standardized tests aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, with the recent introduction of Common Core standards testing, there’s a new generation of prep. Here, we’ll review what the Common Core is, and how to help your child with Common Core standards testing preparation.

Practice Questions for the Common Core Standards Testing Battery

Parents of school-age children across the country may feel as though they’re scrambling to keep up when it comes to standardized test prep. In addition to the numerous standardized tests already administered to children, from Pre-K and kindergarten through high school, there’s a new revolution in teaching and testing – the Common Core.

The Common Core standards testing battery may, in some areas, replace existing standardized tests. In others, it will be administered in addition to standardized tests already in place. Regardless of what the situation may be in your area, you’re probably wondering how you can help your child succeed on these brand-new tests. You’re not alone. Helping a child prep for standardized tests has become commonplace, which often feels strange to parents who never ‘prepped’ for a standardized test while they were in school. Thankfully, there are many tools available to assist you in helping your child perform to the best of his ability. To get started, you can view some sample Common Core question. While these questions will not be on the specific Common Core test your child is administered, they will give you a basic idea of the subjects and styles of the Common Core.

When you purchase test prep materials, remember that the Common Core test is grade-specific. It is administered to children in each of the lower, elementary grades. A Pre-K version is available, as is a kindergarten version. In addition, children who are still learning English and special-needs children may take the test as well; contact your local school officials regarding prep for these specialized versions.

For children taking the regular Common Core standards testing battery at the typical grade level, you can find many study guides, both software- and print-based. Pick a version which suits your child’s own unique style of studying for the best results. Younger children often do best when they’re allowed to work through the study materials on their own, then quizzed on them later. Older children, however, typically prefer to study independently, although they may still appreciate a quick quiz.

Parents learn about Common Core standards testing

Parents learning more about Common Core standards testing.